About us

Since 1985, VOE, S.A. has specialized in the manufacture of postoperative elastic garments used after plastic and cosmetic surgery.

We are the market leader in compression garments.

We stay in direct contact with both doctors and patients, who inspire us to constantly innovate and improve our designs to ensure the best possible post surgery results.

We are recognised for our use of high quality materials. We use fabrics with compression ‘memory’, ensuring optimum functionality throughout the treatment process, adapting to your new silhouette at the same time as offering comfort during wearing.

Our four lines are:

›   VOE postoperative plastic and cosmetic surgery garments

›   VOE Slim girdles and leggings

›   NUHA post-mastectomy bras

›   VOE burn garments

Our products are manufactured in Barcelona (Spain), and our production process is managed with rigorous quality control.

We’re proud that doctors across the world and our distributors in more than 70 countries all put their trust in VOE. We know how important it is that garments arrive on time, and that’s why we offer an efficient and fast delivery service.


VOE has a multidisciplinary team made up of the following areas:

Design and Innovation, directed by health professionals, is in charge of VOE’s garment projects, selecting materials, managing production cycles and quality control.

Production, with the latest facilities in garment manufacturing. This department is in charge of scheduling and controling production and warehousing.

Quality Control carry out stringent checks on incoming materials, the manufacturing process, and checking garments prior to dispatch.

Business and Marketing are in constant contact with surgeons and clients, designing and implementing business and merchandising strategies at an international level.

Administration among other things, includes the staff who are in daily contact with clients and are responsible for ensuring service quality in deliveries.

The VOE Boutique in Barcelona is staffed by professionals with a great deal of expertise in direct sales and VOE garments. The feedback from our consumers help us to improve and expand our line of VOE products.

Our whole team is made up of outstanding professionals, who together make VOE the forward-thinking and internationally established, prestigious company it is.