-Now it’s time to put on the girdle! It may seem like a big challenge the first time, but with these tricks that we show you in the video, it will be easier for you. If you have disposable gloves, put them on, it will make it even easier to put the girdle on, since the garment will slide over your body more easily, and you will avoid snagging. Oh! Above all, remove rings and avoid stretching the garment with your nails. You can also make use of a sliding sock, in case the girdle reaches the ankles or the sole of the foot, it will help you to place it better in the instep area. Use your fingertips and slide gently, making sure that the side or back seams (Ref.3008) remain in a straight line at all times. Once you are in the hip area, about to fasten the abdominal brackets, pick up the garment well from behind to the front to bring the brackets closer and fasten them in one of the three rows that they have. Remember, if you need three more rows of brackets, we have them available. Well, we leave you with the video, because they say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”! We hope you find it useful

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3008 · 3008-2 | Panty completo