NUHA mastectomy bras

sujetador NUHA VOE

NUHA is the line of bras from VOE, specially designed for postoperative care following a mastectomy procedure.

NUHA  mastectomy bras are specially designed with the constant aim of offering comfortable and top-quality designs to their customers. In addition to the supportive function, they also focus on maintaining a natural aesthetic and providing a symmetrical appearance, which can help women feel secure and comfortable after surgery. The skin may become more sensitive after surgery, so the bras are designed with soft fabrics that prevent irritation and chafing for a comfortable wearing experience.


  • Bras with bilateral pockets and wire-free
  • Cover the submammary area
  • Bras have a sufficiently high neckline
  • Wide and firm straps
  • The armpit contour is high to cover possible scars
  • The straps and contours are adjustable to ensure a proper fit for each silhouette

Preformed or seamed models are available, constructed with the best cotton, soft microfibers, and top-quality technical fabrics. Incredibly comfortable to wear, they provide a sense of security due to their meticulous designs, which adapt perfectly to the prosthesis. NUHA bras are synonymous with comfort and security. During the recovery process, it is essential to have garments that not only provide physical support but also offer a comforting sensation that promotes well-being and facilitates adaptation to physical changes. They will accompany you through the process.

Sujetadores post mastecomía NUHA